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Iridescent Swarovski Pearls & Crystals

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s. We celebrated with family - virtually. Not at all the same as in person, but certainly better than not seeing them at all! We also had a huge snow storm here the second week of January - 7ish inches of fine white powder. I think the shady areas just melted a few days ago! It was certainly nice to get the soaking moisture.

Ok, BLING news.
I’m referring to the man-made crystals and pearls featured in so many of my creations - almost all, in fact! As I told you in one of my first blogs, I use exclusively Swarovski. They are more expensive, yes, but considered the very top of the line in crystals & glass pearls. The Swarovski company, in an attempt to become more exclusive, streamline and (they say) remain profitable, has decided to limit the use of the name Swarovski. They are downsizing their production, withdrawing re-seller authorization from companies all over the world, and refocusing on marketing only to exclusive shops. Thankfully, there is a wholesale company from which I will still be able to purchase the product after Sept. 2021 if I sign an agreement with Swarovski promising not to advertise my jewelry as including Swarovski or even use the description of Austrian Crystal. Unfortunately, it is not the family company that I have used as a supplier for years. She, sadly, must move to another product. And in the long run, I may have to as well, but will hold out as long as possible. I don’t like supporting Swarovski’s business decision, but their crystals are the ultimate crystal and Preciosa, an excellent and the next best crystal company doesn’t make pearls. One could hope that Preciosa will ‘up their game’ now that they are one of the main players.

As others are moving away from Swarovski, their prices may go down (or their profit margins up). For now, I assure you that I will be still be using Swarovski, even if the piece description doesn’t list them, because I WILL have to eventually remove the word from my website. In my opinion, they are really worth the extra expense. If I reach a point where I feel the need to transition to Preciosa, I will be sure to let you know and list them specifically in the piece’s description.

It’s a new year, new hopes for wellness, new need to stay positive, and time for new BLING.

Check out the sparkling pieces below by clicking on the photo. There’s certainly one calling your name!
golden-becharmed-swarovski-necklace-and-earrings luminescent-green-edelweiss-swarovski-pendant-pistachio-keshi-fw-pearl-ball-post-earrings night-blue-peach-pearls-crystals-swarovski-necklace-earrings-bracelet scarabeous-green-bronze-swarovski-w-swarovski-crystsls-necklace-earrings celtic-swirls-w-swarovki-indicolite-crystals-dove-grey-pearls knotted-green-shades-swarovski-necklace-matching-earrings white-turquoise-powder-green-swarovski-necklace-earrings 

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