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Anna Henry photo

Hi, I'm Anna Marie Whitlock Henry.  See the red hair?  I'm 42% Scottish and 14% Irish, so I come by it honestly and naturally.  I’ve worn a plethora of ‘hats’ over time. But they’ve all had their basis in creativity, my life blood. I coordinated special music activities for Texas Tech University; a very creative endeavor! I’ve taught as an adjunct flute instructor at a private college and a community college. I’ve taught flutists from beginner to adult and still perform and adjudicate. I’ve designed and made many costumes from the Tudor period for TTU. And I did it before there were patterns readily available. I took on the project of making keepsake pillows from old band uniforms as a fund-raiser for TTU’s CVPA. And I didn’t make them all the same, purchasers had different designs from which to choose. Variety is, they say, the spice of life!  I love to write poetry and have a book available of one of my poems illustrated by my husband’s flower photography.  I've made several wedding cakes and love to bake. But this website is all about my jewelry, which I’ve been enthusiastically creating for 20 years. I LOVE doing so. I never make anything I wouldn’t wear myself and almost never make the same piece more than once. That means you can count on something different every time from M'Lady Creations!  I go for a bit of elegance with a leaning towards a wee smidgen of non-traditional.

My design elements include:
Freshwater pearls
Swarovski crystals ('top shelf' crystals)
Swarovski pearls
Semi-precious stones
Hand-made ceramics
Fused glass pendants (made by yours truly)
Miyuki Delica (the creme de la creme of glass seed beads)
Sterling Silver

Anna & Alta

For those who might be curious, M’Lady Creations is the namesake of one of my two Lippazan horses, M’Lady Alta.  She is, after all, royalty, and I'm her lady in waiting! Just FYI, my other lippie is Mushin Conversano Anthea. (The guys always have longer, more formal names; go figure!)

I'm also a proud breast cancer conqueror (better word than survivor) and have had amazing DBS surgery to control a benign essential tremor.  Google 'brain surgery' + 'flute player' if you want to watch me play flute DURING the surgery!

Please browse through the collections. My creations reflect many different moods, from classically elegant to fun, and funky. I hope you’ll find something you just can’t live without! is the awesome artist who photographed Alta & me!  Visit her website for fabulous prints!

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