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It’s December 1st. I celebrated a birthday a few days ago (not saying which one). Mother & I completed a major project (family Christmas gifts, so I can’t say what it was, lol). This Sunday is my last scheduled show of the year. Guess it really is Christmas season.

An aunt of mine recently passed away at 90. She had ceased to put up a large Christmas tree, opting instead to do a ‘table top’ version and decorate it mostly with the ornaments which I make. A very dear friend does the same. So does the mother of another friend. That they choose MLC ornaments as the main adornment makes my heart happy. I call them keepsake ornaments for a reason. I’ve been told they also make great gifts! Some folks even find a way to display them all year 'round! A great deal of time is spent researching colors and shapes and determining the appropriate combinations of crystals* and crystal pearls* for the size of ornament I want to create. Most of my jewelry is ‘one of a kind.’ But I do make approximately 100 ornaments each year. When they’re gone, they’re gone. It takes quite a while to design, assemble, add ribbons, create the card, & package that many!  Each ornament is always accompanied by a card with the special meaning I associate with that year’s wreath. Christmas is a wonderful time because of the ‘reason for the season.’ I want my faith in the significance of Christ’s birth to accompany these ornaments.

As we once again enter this magical holiday, I pray you find many ways to make it memorable and meaningful.

AND . . . if you’d like to add an ornament to YOUR keepsake decorations, just click the photo below the see all of those still available!

2022 crystal wreath ornament

* The 'creme de la creme' of manmade crystals & crystal pearls, manufactured in Austria


  • Each year’s ornament is truly beautiful! Each one has a wonderfully blessed meaning behind it. I keep mine out all year and I enjoy the light they reflect when I turn on a light close by.

    Rebecca McSpadden
  • Proud to display mine all year long! <3

    Tif Holmes

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