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Collection: Hatbands

Hatbands tighten around your hat to aid in keeping it on your head.  They are also a great chance to show your individual personality.  Here you'll find gemstone hatbands to usefully decorate your straw or felt.
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Hatband - Lapis Chrysocolla
Hatband - Porcelain Jasper & Botswana Agate
Hatband - Aqua Terra Jasper & Sardonyx
Hatband - Purple Crazy Lace & Lava Stone
Hatband - Turquoise Variscite
Hatband - Picasso Jasper, Pyrite, & Carnelian
Hatband - Magnesite & Picasso Jasper
Hatband - Green Moss Agate
Hatband - Carnelian
Hatband - Picture Jasper