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Collection: Copper

Copper is linked to the god Hermes in lore and is said to improve energy and mental acuity.  Many say it is helpful in easing arthritis pain.  Regardless, it is a warm color and compliments many outfits!

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Antique Copper (1) Ceramic & Salwag Seed Necklace & Matching Earrings
Brushed Satin Copper Plated & Ceramic Necklace & Earrings
Fancy Zipper Pull - African Jade & Copper Swarovski Crystal
Raku Blue & Copper Ceramic Beads Necklace & Matching Earrings
Antique Copper Octahedron Leather Slide Bracelet
Antique Copper Tube Ceramic & Hematite Leather Slide Bracelet
Old Copper Freshwater Pearls with Swarovski Crystals & Copper Necklace & Earrings
Fancy Zipper Pull - Blue Swarovski Crystals & Pearls & Copper Miyuki
Fancy Zipper Pull - Blue Swarovski & Copper Miyuki
Bolo Tie - Dichroic Copper Flourish Fused Glass
Copper, Ceramic, & Swarovski Necklace w/Horseshoe Nail Cross/Heart Pendant & Fish Hook Earrings
Horseshoe Nail Cross on Turquoise Howlite & Copper Necklace & Earrings
Knotted Raku Copper Octahedron Necklace & Matching Earrings