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amwh brand

About the Brand

M’Lady Creations is a jewelry brand founded by designer Anna Marie Whitlock Henry, who handcrafts each individual piece to reflect her creative moods and celebrate her customers’ individuality and uniqueness. The name M’Lady Creations is inspired by one of Anna’s beloved Lipizzan horses, M’Lady Alta, who IS royalty, after all! The jewelry designs span all styles, from classically elegant to fun and funky, and many are one-of-a-kind. As you search for your new favorite accessory, you’ll be delighted by the shopping experience.


Our Mission

M’Lady Creations is committed to celebrating creativity and individuality, striving to handcraft thoughtful jewelry that appeals to the uniqueness each woman should acknowledge and embrace in herself. By wearing extraordinary yet accessible jewelry, you will enhance your internal beauty and proudly celebrate exactly who you are, no matter where you are in life.

amwh materials

Our Materials

You will find jewelry made with a wide variety of materials, which have been combined in unique ways. For example, freshwater pearls are utilized for their luster and crystals are chosen for their enchanting sparkle. Occasionally, you’ll see semi-precious natural stones like chalcedony, hematite, sapphire, and turquoise. Be delighted by handmade ceramic beads and Miyuki Delica beads, which are cylindrical Japanese glass seed beads. Anna even makes her own fused-glass pendants for placing on your favorite chain, cord, or metal neck ring. All findings are crafted from either genuine sterling silver or high-quality gold fill. Copper, silver fill, & gold fill wire are used to weave and sculpt woven wire wearable art!

Our Customers

You’re the kind of woman who likes to look polished but not necessarily “box store” dressed, and you’re decisive about what you like. Trends don’t sway you. You use your accessories as a means of expressing yourself. You appreciate fine craftsmanship and quality components, available at affordable prices.

amwh - letter

Letter from Anna

See the red hair? I'm 42% Scottish and 14% Irish, so I come by it honestly and naturally. Having red hair has taught me that it’s exciting to stand out - and that you should be proud of the characteristics and qualities that make you unique. I want every one of my customers to celebrate her singular spark.

Creativity is in my blood. Of course, there’s my jewelry, but I also enjoy so many other forms of creative expression. I’m a performing flutist and have taught other flutists from beginner to adult. I coordinated special music activities for Texas Tech University and even designed Tudor-period costumes for one of the school’s yearly performances. I love to write poetry and published a book of one of my poems accompanied by my husband’s flower photography. I've made several wedding cakes and love to bake. As you can probably tell, I believe variety is the spice of life!

I'm a proud breast cancer conqueror (a better word than “survivor”) and have had amazing deep brain stimulation surgery to control a benign essential tremor. If you’re curious, you can even watch a video of me playing the flute during surgery here!

This shop is about much more than just the jewelry itself, which I’ve been enthusiastically creating for over 20 years. It’s about all my experiences and interests expressed to you through my designs and about my hope that you’ll find something you love too. I never make anything I wouldn’t wear myself and only duplicate a small number of pieces. You can always count on something that’s been intentionally made and Anna-approved from M'Lady Creations!

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Anna Marie Whitlock Henry


Anna & Alta is the awesome artist who took all of these photos!  Visit her website for fabulous prints or to set up a portrait session!