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Collection: Just Bracelets

For those who only wear bracelets!  And maybe earrings - a few have matching earrings!  Many of these are leather slide bracelets.  They're great for casual wear and adjustable to fit just about anyone.
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Mother & Child on Iridescent Purple Bracelet
Tree of Life with Black & White Bracelet
Blue Opal & Pearls Bracelet & Earrings
Blue & Aqua Petals Cloisonné Bracelet & Earrings
Gold Filigree Heart Bracelet & Earrings
Double Drilled Picture Jasper Bracelet
Iridescent Purple & Green Bracelet
Bronze Coin Pearl Bracelet & Earrings
Picture Jasper & Crystal Bracelet
White & Grey Love Bracelet & Earrings
Cross on Rose Botswana Bracelet
Red Sea Sediment & Crystal Bracelet
Peach Shell Pearls Bracelet & Earrings
Champagne Shell Pearl Bracelet
Teal & White Shell Pearl Bracelet
Cross on Shell Pearls & Onyx Bracelet & Earrings
Brown Line Agate Bracelet
Live, Laugh, Love & Amethyst Bracelet
Gold Heart on Aventurine Bracelet
Treble Clef on Silver Shell Pearls Bracelet