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All the 'FEELS'


I’ve always told my flute students to dress nicely for performances, be it a recital or a competition or an important audition. It tells the listeners that we take our performance seriously and respect the complete picture we are presenting. But it also, and perhaps more importantly, gives us confidence because we feel good about how we look. It certainly doesn’t substitute for lack of preparation, but it is important and beneficial.

How does that relate to jewelry, you ask? Well, I am often told by those wearing my jewelry that they receive compliments from complete strangers. In the grocery store check-out line, at doctor’s appointments, at concerts and rehearsal, at restaurants, in the workplace. And so we’re back to all of the implications of ‘feel good.’ Our mood is positively enhanced when we like the reflection in the mirror as we start our day. And that, in turn, helps us feel more confident. Acknowledging that our ‘look’ is uniquely our own and will most likely garner attention is especially gratifying and empowering. Knowing the odds are extremely low that we’ll see someone else wearing a one of a kind or limited edition jewelry set lets us state that we ARE individuals and celebrate that special uniqueness.

In this crazy time we need all of the empowering 'feels' we can create.  Check out some of these attention grabbing sets and pendants by clicking on the image. And there are plenty more in the various collection pages under Shop.  One is bound to appeal to what makes YOU special!

You may also wish to the check out the new additions to the SALE Collection.
  rose-gold-freshwater-pearls-miyuki-seed-beads-swarovski-crystals-necklace-earrings    swarovski-light-siam-red-tribe-pendant-necklace-earrings  earth-flowers-swarovski-sunshine-necklace-earrings  bronze-ceramic-3-salwag-seed-necklace  shades-of-amber-polished-agate-swarovski-pendant-necklace-earrings  aquamarine-apatite-and-swarovski-dragonfly-necklace-celtic-knot-earrings  turquoise-howlite-freshwater-baroque-pearls-w-fused-glass-cross-necklace-bracelet-long-kidney-earrings
bolo-tie-blue-to-purple-geometrics-dichroic-fused-glass  bolo-tie-wheels-etched-on-blue-to-purple-dichroic-fused-glass  large-stained-glass-dichroic-fused-glass-pendant  fireworks-textured-turquoise-dichroic-trapezoid-fused-glass-pendant  

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