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Celebrate the USA!

USA Flag


This blog will be short, but personally meaningful.

I’m not and have never been in the military although I did once make it to the last round in an audition for the Coast Guard band. And I've marched in many July 4th parades and played many symphony concerts celebrating Independence Day.  The piccolo part to Stars & Stripes is embedded muscle memory!  But many in my family HAVE served/are serving in the armed forces, law enforcement, and as first responders. From both sides of my family - great uncles, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, step-son, father-in-law, and friends. I respect their service and know that my life is better for it. We’re an imperfect nation because people are imperfect, but I truly believe in the goodness and honor of the vast majority of those who followed/are following that path of service. Some had no choice, others made the choice, but all rose to the occasion. I’m not sure who coined the phrase ‘those who would disrespect our flag have never been handed a folded one,’  but it is so very true!  The formal declaration of a grateful nation as the folded symbol is handed over is very moving and I could not stop the spilling of my silent tears through it at my father-in-law’s and two other family members’ funerals. Bob’s father’s is in a case and has a visible place of honor in our home. With my whole heart I join Lee Greenwood in saying that I am proud to be an American and stand with every word of that beloved song.

Because Independence Day is almost upon us, I created a few jewelry pieces that would help you celebrate the occasion. Red, white, & blue necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can be viewed by clicking the fireworks below. I hope you find something you can’t wait to wear!

link to patriotic collection

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  • Beautiful sentiment!

    Becky McSpadden

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