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crystal tree ornaments
 Christmas Ornaments are sentimental to my family. I can point out the ones given to me by students over the years. We have one to commemorate every trip we’ve taken since my husband and I were married. There are those which dear friends have made or bought for us. And I’ve made my share of them as well.
     When I started M’Lady Creations, I thought it’d be a cool venture to make a limited number each year from high quality 'top shelf' crystals and crystal pearls. It’s fun to come up with a slightly different design and color scheme for each. These are designed by me and completely hand produced. The backs of the bows have a dot of glue to help keep the bow tied and the ribbon ends are coated with a liquid called Fray Check which does exactly that: keep them from raveling. For several years my mother was my production assistant and we would spend the Thanksgiving holiday working on them. But after I started the website, I needed to have them finished before Turkey Day, so I had to fly solo since Mother only came that week. I manage to let her know every year when I’m working on them, and she feigns sadness that she’s not here to help. (Yeah, I somehow question the sincerity of the expressed sentiment.)
     So now let’s talk about this very, very, different year. I had carpal tunnel release surgery at the beginning of November. A valiant effort to get the ornaments finished prior to the surgery, unfortunately, fell just a bit short. As with many shipments from overseas (the crystals I use come from Europe), my components were late getting here in spite of the order being placed quite early. I only had the ribbon to go on about 2/3 of them, but tying bows requires two working hands and I only had one for almost three weeks. Plus, the surgery was on my left wrist and I’m left-handed. I’m very happy to report that my left hand no longer goes numb on me. And I’ve even played my flute the last several days. So I’m a happy camper!
     Back to ornaments. This year’s are emerald and light gold. I’m very please with the presentation. I hope you are as well. As you can see below, I have a few wreaths from 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 available as well as the new 2020 ones. I’ve also priced collections at a discount. Click the photos below for descriptions. I hope you will want to add a special crystal ornament memory to your tree this year!
emerald swarovski wreath ornament   Sapphire Eidelweiss Wreath Ornament 
Scarlet Swarovski Wreath Ornament   Zircon Blue Swarovski Heart Wreath Ornament   Amethyst Swarovski Wreath Ornament
2017-2020 Ornament Collection    2016-2017 Crystal Ornament Collection

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