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Breast Cander


Ribbons of various colors are often used to bring awareness to causes.
Purple for Domestic Violence & American Cancer Society & Alzheimer’s
Yellow for Gulf War & POW/MIA
Orange for ADHD
Grey for Brain Cancer
Green for Mental Illness
Red for HIV
Burgundy for Brain Aneurism
And the list goes on.

Pink has come to represent breast cancer awareness. And October has been the month to advocate for awareness, screening, and fund raising since 1985. I choose to call myself a breast cancer conqueror rather than a survivor. I found the lump myself and will interject a reminder here to do your self-exams! My first reaction to the diagnosis was disbelief. After all, I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. Lots of exercise, mostly healthy food, vitamins, supplements and no previous family history. But as reality set in, I had to develop a warrior's mind set in lieu of the victim one lurking at the corner of my mind. A good friend gave me a journal which I decided to call my ‘Thankful Journal.’ Every day of the journey I wrote in it and made myself record as many things as I could find in that day for which I was grateful. Faith, the prayers of many, surgery, radiation, & chemo all combined to make victory possible. I’m five beautiful years clear and just had my yearly physical and have been declared perfectly healthy. I am incredibly blessed. When chemo took my hair, the Susan G. Komen organization provided me a beautiful wig free of charge. I even got to pick it out. I’d like to make a donation so that continues to be an option for others just starting on the daunting journey to conquering breast cancer. This month, 50% of the money from any purchase out of the PINK collection will be donated to Lubbock’s Susan G. Komen organization.

Click below to satisfy your pink cravings as well as contribute to helping women maintain a positive self-image while battling breast cancer.


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