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peach blossoms


It’s really spring. Hallelujah! Though I'm well aware that we can still expect at least one more bout of cold. And the ever present Texas South Plains winds are always particularly rambunctious this time of year. Ah, well. I’ve been worried about the effects of the Texas Arctic Blast on our plant life. It’s still too early to know about some, but at least our peach, apple, and cherry trees are budding and the peach is even blooming! Hope another freeze doesn’t get it. We lost a 30 year old peach tree to the wind a couple of years ago and I’ve been searching for an appropriate replacement so we’ll have two again. Locating a late-blooming, free-stone, semi-dwarf variety has been a bit tricky, but I think I’ve finally found one! A local nursery says they’ll have some semi-dwarf Ranger peach trees in tomorrow. Woohoo! Lubbock County has just resumed in-person jury trials and lucky me, I’m on jury duty starting tomorrow, so I’ll go by the nursery afterwards. I don’t want them to sell out before I am able to get there; I can’t wait to get another in the ground.

As I walked by the remaining peach tree yesterday, the delicate pink blossoms reminded me of the resilience of nature - and people. Life throws a lot of 'stuff' our way and how we re-act to it is all we can control. It’s often said that you can let it define you, destroy you, or strengthen you and what counts is the attitude we bring to life. I actually believe it’s the way we re-act that does the defining. Looking for the silver lining, the lesson, the blessing is often difficult, but always essential. This past year has found it to be an especially critical ability.

So, back to the pink blossoms. They made me want to showcase some wonderfully ‘springy’ pink jewelry. Click the pics below for details and pricing. You just might find something that will be perfect to help you enjoy the season.


pink freshwater keishi pearls   kunzite & crystal necklace & earrings   pink, lavender, white freshwater pearl drop set   peanut-fresh-water-pearls-necklace-earrings   pink carved-bird-mother-of-pearl-w-keshi-pearls-necklace-keshi-crystal-fish-hook-earrings 

Just Earrings


Fused Glass Pendants

textured-fushia-black-gold-ribbon-fused-glass-pendant   satin-dichroic-fushia-fused-glass-pendant   stained-glass-etched-dichroic-on-bronze-fused-glass-pendant   stained-glass-dichroic-on-white-fused-glass-pendant   large-stained-glass-dichroic-fused-glass-pendant   pink-gold-dichroic-textured-stripes-on-teal-translucent-fused-glass-pendant

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