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Well, week 3's blog was an epic fail, as in nonexistent. In my defense, we were in the middle of contractor repairs to the house from May’s destructive hail storm. And I also had corn from the garden and peaches from our four tree orchard (one peach and three apple) to put up. That was a plus!


Here’s Week 4, Blog 3

I set up a new collection on the website. It’s called ‘Simple Elegance.’ Like the little black dress, sometimes less really is more. I may not contemplate combinations of color, shape, and material with these, but it is still fun to put together something that is beautiful in its graceful and elegant solo presentation. These do not necessarily fall into the 'one and done' category. I may well repeat these IF I can get the same elements. But because I can't always be guaranteed of that, most, though not all, are sold as a set of necklace and earrings.

The chains are all sterling silver. Well ok, one is gold-filled. And that one IS a designed creation. The pendants are Swarovski, freshwater pearls, and one druzy. Please venture a look by clicking this link:

In other news, it’s finally a bit less miserably hot and I’m back to riding again. I feed around 5:30 a.m. and am out to work with the horses around 7:30/8:00. We’re done before the heat sets in. Alta, at 25, doesn’t work hard, but we bop around for about 20 minutes. A trainer once called her an ‘energy efficiency expert.’ If you’re interested in her interpretation of that title, it’s ‘LAZY.’ Bwahaha. Mushin’s mere 15 years merit more work. Our turn on the haunches is more of a turn on the center, but hey, we’re working on it.

Take care. Be safe. Blessings!

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