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I must confess, I don’t often read blogs. If I’m looking for a recipe, I just want the recipe, not a dissertation about it, lol. But I read everywhere that they are very popular. So I’m going to give it a try and see if I can make this interesting enough to hold your attention. On that note, I do promise not to write an entire missive, just a few (hopefully) entertaining, informational words. Wish me insight and luck!

So let’s talk about my latest collection - KOKOPELLI. If you’ve read my ABOUT M'LADY CREATIONS page, you know that I’m a flutist. I’ve been playing for about 55 years and teaching as well for at least 40. Um, let’s just say that I began when I was a mere infant. Anyway, moving away from the subject of how long I’ve been enjoying life . . . 

I decided to use the character from Anasazi Indian mythology associated in modern times with the flute as the focal for this group of jewelry. Since I will hereafter use the masculine pronoun when referencing Kokopelli, I feel compelled to state that this fella was originally a very obvious male spirit. Over time, the image has been altered to asexual, but early depictions show an erect and exaggerated ‘male appendage.’ (Google 'Kokopelli petroglyph' for a visual.) Note: I have also read that the current Kokopelli spirit is a mix of ideas not necessarily attributed to the original, but I’ll forego cultural comment and just suggest doing your own research if you find that intriguing. For here, we’ll go with him as a fertility spirit, as well as the spirits of mischief, music, and dance, and a disseminator of joy. With the current uncertainty, I particularly like the idea of spreading joy. We flutists have adopted him because of his modern portrayal as a dancing flutist.

I’ve paired my silver and gold colored pewter (lead-free) with the earthy look of ceramic beads in earrings, leather slider bracelets, necklaces, and zipper pulls. Even if you’re not a flute player, I encourage you to wear Kokopelli for his mischievous, dancing, and joyful spirit - Great with t-shirts, tanks, & jeans! Go to to find a piece you can’t live without.
It's too darn hot to be riding my horses, so I may just have to create something awesome with the new pearls I just ordered!

I wish you health, safety, happiness, and blessings.  I look forward to sharing with you again soon!

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