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Mothers Know All

Mother & Me Easter 2022

Mothers Know Everything!

I’ve long since passed the rebellious stage where a mother’s knowledge is questioned. I’m at the stage that respects and reveres her wisdom and knowledge. Although I have to admit that I never much questioned her omniscience. Sooo, I’m going to recount an event which I believe will reiterate that accurate perception and perhaps elicit a chuckle.

Let’s start with the certitude that Mother ties the best bows. No haphazard creation of loops but neat, precise, lovely creations. The next part of this narrative includes the fact that I have served as baker for two of my nieces’ weddings and one of my nephew’s groom’s cupcake double T. If you’ve noticed the recipes included in some of my other blogs, you'd accurately deduce that I love to bake. I even weighed the batter for each of the cupcakes so that they would look totally uniform in presentation! Well, Amy wanted red roses and black ribbon decorating her cake. I should mention here that I don’t live in the city where the wedding was to take place. The four tier cake would have to be assembled and decorated onsite. So I made the layers, covered them with fondant, then drove my husband batty with constant peeks into the truck’s back seat as he drove to the wedding location. Upon arrival we wheeled the layers on a cart to the reception hall with said husband threatening to do wheelies down the ramp and me threatening his early demise! The assembly proceeded flawlessly, the roses were ready to place, and a wide black ribbon ready to be tied into a beautiful bow around the top layer. Ahh, seeing the plot thread now? I turned to Mother and asked her to do the honors. She looked at me and said ‘Why didn’t you look online for how to do this?” My immediate and resolute response was ‘I did, and it said ‘get Mother to do it!'.“ She just stared at me. . . and then proceeded to tie a perfect bow.

cake bow

So yes, Mother’s DO know everything.

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  • Hurray for both our moms. They grew up in a time when self-reliance was held at a premium. My grandmother (Mertie) and Aunt Mary (your grandmother) were 2 of the best. Aunt Mary became my stand-in grandmother when mine passed when mom was 16; she was the one person I always wanted to see when I returned to see my own mom. Your mom was more of an aunt to me than a cousin. Both of our moms could tie perfect bows. Love you, Anna.

    Mertie Tonjes
  • Thanks for your blog posting as it’s a hoot and like your others, I always enjoy them. Love all of your jewelry as it’s all beautiful.

    Linda Davidson

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