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Still Wire Obsessed

seafoam woven wire heart

Ask my thumbs and first fingers what I’ve been up to for the last three weeks and they’ll insist it’s “creating nerveless calluses.” Ask ME and the answer is “creating woven wire sculptures which double as jewelry.” It’s a lot more physical that one might first believe. Holding all of those wires, keeping the tension even, reaching over and around long base wires, coaxing the finished weave into the desired shape, and even bending over the time consuming projects are work-outs for the fingers, hands, wrists, arms, & back!

When I first started, copper was the medium of choice. Most of what you see online seems to be copper - bright & oxidized. Working with copper is easy and it is relatively inexpensive. Then I decided to try silver plated copper. Now I’m mostly using permanently colored silver plated copper. I find that working with colors is very satisfying. By the way and just so you know, if you have raw copper pieces, a short soak in vinegar will brighten them right up since they will oxidize and dull with time and exposure. Some folks oxidize with chemicals once a piece is finished to achieve that look, or one slightly lighter, but definitely oxidized.

The crystals I’ve incorporated into some are the ‘creme de la creme’ of manmade crystals, manufactured in Austria. Sometimes I also include turquoise and other stones. Some pieces “ask” for inclusions, while some want to stand on their own!

I finally got brave and purchased some silver filled wire and some gold filled wire. The layer of silver and gold in these is VASTLY greater than that of plating and is actually bonded to the base metal - sometimes copper, sometimes brass. It is far more durable and equally far more expensive. I’ve made three pieces with it so far and am extremely happy with the results.

I thought perhaps you might find some photos of the process interesting, so have a look!

Supplies (I ended up not using the crystals; just no organic place for them in the final piece.)
Tools (that little bobbin for the weaving wire is WONDERFUL)
Protection (sort of)
    woven wire tools  woven wire finger protection

Partially Woven
partially woven 1  partially woven 2  partially woven 3

The four different weaves used in this pendant
weaves 1  weaves 2  weaves 3  weaves 4

Weaving completed, before sculpting
weaving completed

Partially sculpted
partial sculpt 1  partial sculpt 2

Voila, The Finished Pendant!
final woven wire pendant
There you have it!

After too many days of major wind, today is starting out beautifully! Prayers for those affected by the tornadoes and more that we all stay safe and well. And some for non-stormy rain here on the South Plains.

Welcome, Spring!

To check out all of the new (and a few previous) woven wire creations, CLICK HERE!


  • Beautiful work, dear Anna. Patience of Job. Lov you, Cousin. M

    Mertie Tonjes
  • So cool to see the process, Anna!


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