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Collection: Woven Wire

Wearable art that's intricate &  fascinating!  The possible weaves, shapes, & inclusions are practically endless when sculpting with wire - such a fun artistic medium!

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Woven Wire Gold & Crystal Pendant & Earrings
Woven Wire Silver, Hematite, & Crystal Pendant
Woven Wire Copper & Botswana Pendant
Woven Wire Silver, Copper, & Banded Agate Pendant
Woven Wire Teal Column Earrings
Woven Wire Citrine Column Earrings
Woven Wire Gold & Crystal Teardrop Earrings
Woven Wire Springtime Blossom Earrings
Woven Wire Kelly Green & Gold Earrings
Woven Wire Amethyst Crystal Earrings
Woven Wire Ruby Hearts & Crystal Earrings
Woven Wire Copper & Scarlet Heart Crystal Wall Hanging
Woven Wire Magenta & Crystal Wall Hanging
Bright Copper Plated Finished Chain
Antique Copper Plated Finished Chain
Woven Wire Antique Copper Bracelet
Woven 5 Wire Silver & Black Bracelet
Woven Wire Silver & Gold Bracelet
Woven Wire Green Jasper Pendant
Woven Wire Copper Fancy Circle Pendant